Social Media Guidelines

Using social media for extending the conversation of the 2017 conference is intended to reflect the conference’s goals of creating space and opportunities, as well as acting an international collaborative resource.

Treat social media as you would any public space: use it to engage in discussion and to build alliances, but also recognise that anything you post is accessible to a variety of audiences. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t shout into a crowded room. Be respectful, but don’t be afraid to engage, as sharing and inspiring are at the heart of the intentions of this conference.

7 Tips for Live-tweeting

  1. Always use the conference hashtag in your tweets: #eventhashtag.
  2. Always attribute ideas to their authors, using quotes and @usernames when appropriate and available.
  3. Contribute your own thoughts to the discussion, don’t just repeat others’.
  4. If there’s a question online from someone not present, ask it when appropriate and report back.
  5. Respect the presenters by turning off the sound on any devices and putting those devices down when asked to participate or in sessions where participation is mandatory.
  6. Meet people in person and say ‘hello.’ If you enjoy their comments online, I bet you’ll love to chat over tea/coffee.
  7. If you do not want your photo or presentation tweeted, say so from the outset. Conversely, respect others when they ask you not to tweet about them.

Twitter terminology

  • #hashtag: a set of characters that groups specific events or ideas on Twitter. The conference hashtag is #eventhashtag.
  • @username: the way a person is identified on Twitter. The conference organiser’s @username is @conferenceorganiser.
  • Trending: a #hashtag or topic that shows up as popular on Twitter. Let’s get #eventhashtag trending!

Wi-FI at Middlesex University

Individual wi-fi logins (username and password) can be obtained from the registration/information desk, the wireless network is MDXUNI (please do not use not MDX Guest).

Alternatively, if you are affiliated with a university that subscribes to Eduroam, you can login using your institutional email address and password.

Conference Anti-harassment Policy

#eventhashtag is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at:

[URL for full anti-harassment policy]